Committed To The Social And Emotional Well-Being And Development Of Young People.

Yellow House young people promote tolerance and concern for others, understanding and acceptance of difference in others. Our daily work aims at building self – confidence and self esteem in those who have been neglected or under-valued. Activities target those who are normally excluded or considered hard to reach, particularly those with social, environmental, physical or learning disadvantages.


Why The Community Needs Us

Most of the young people could be described as ‘hard-to-reach’: a disruptive home life, or a mental or physical disability, or somehow ‘different’ and excluded, with a distinct lack of support and guidance from their family, school, peers. Most of the young people who come to Yellow House have little or a poor concept of Home and Family. Part of our goal is to recreate a healthy family environment, which so many of the young people miss out on.


Our Impact On The Community

Working on a daily basis with young people – supporting young people in a holistic way to develop – providing a safe secure environment for those young people normally excluded from decision making to develop into active citizens and participate in all aspects of community life – offering young people the opportunity to participate in major projects to develop not only their skills but also to develop as active citizens in today’s world – providing a life skills support.


Volunteers Needed

Volunteers for working with young people, computer skills, website, administration, photography. Interested in theatre and music.


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