"What an extraordinary place, I feel very privileged to have been welcomed into your world to see the happiness first hand."

Fiona Wright - BBC

"Some of the stuff I have seen is basically the best dramatic arts you will find in this City. The Yellow House produce real quality work."

Dave Jaques - Local Artist

"Visiting Yellow House reminded me how important it is for each human being to satisfy emotional needs of belonging and acceptance."

Dr. Marta Struminska-Kutra - VID Specialized University, Oslo

The Foundation endorsed the fact that the project is making a difference to a large number of young people living in very difficult circumstances and made particular comment on the professionalism and commitment of the staff.

Jane Harris - The Morgan Foundation

Really inspiring stuff! Must have been to engage our kids for nearly 2 hours - through chat/discussion and some simple games. The human element was super – really getting kids to think about themselves - how they feel and how others can value them – so unusual today when everyone’s up and at it all the time. Really good positive experience, which everyone benefitted from - thanks!

Richard – Teacher

I think the one big thing I will take with me from my days at Worcester Road, is this. There was somebody there who gave up so much of his time to make sure us "inbetweeners" had something constructive to do. We made friends. Some remain friends today, almost 30 years on. We were able to express ourselves without judgement. We took our expressions and our work all over the country and shared it with others. We knew we were safe and could try new things and not be ridiculed if it didn't work. I developed real skills and for that alone, I am eternally grateful. Until you've been part of this amazing project, I don't think it's possible to understand the impact of it. And all that from having a laugh in a little hut in Bootle. What memories! I was talking about those days earlier today. What these young people get from this project can't be put into words.

Mandy Wilson - Past Member of Yellow House

So proud of the work you create and share. Working with you and being a part of something so creative and inclusive at such an important time of my life, changed my world and helped me to tackle the challenge of growing up. Without you George, I would not have gone to university or to have had the self belief to follow my dreams. You have been the catalyst for so many young people to believe in themselves as artists - thank you

‪Liz Taylor‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ - Past Member of YH now working at UCAS

I very much appreciated our visit to your house. It amazes me that have been able to organize yourselves in such a way; nice rooms witnessing exciting activities, building a compassionate culture, and strengthening your identities and capabilities. As we sat down with you all, we experienced a closeness as human beings, sharing the same kind of stories of exclusion. I wish you all the best of luck in your work to care for each other.

Dr. Einar Aadland, VID Specialized University, Norway

To George: if anybody ask me what made the biggest impression at the Critical Managemenet Conference in 2017 - I would answer that it was not the conference itself. It was the visit at Yellow House. Why you may ask? And I would answer: Because I learned more about the possibilities and challenges of action research from the dialogue between the young people and us than I have ever learned from any conference. In particular it made a big impression on me how the young people formulated the way in which they see that collaboration with researchers can contribute to better lives for them. I hope for more dialogues in the future 😀 best wishes.

Dr. Helle Merete Nordentoft, Aarhus University, Denmark

Yellow House is essential for Dan, at this difficult time, and should be proud of the wonderful efforts, that it’s making- they’re a credit to our society and turn negatives in to positives - THANK YOU

Marc Harden