Inspired by Vincent van Gogh

    Yellow House is inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s House in Arles where Vincent lived and worked with his door always open so people could see that the artist is a vital part of the community.

    Inside The House


    Yellow House, Founded by George Mc Kane in Liverpool, is a unique youth organisation
    committed to the social emotional…

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    Our Impact on The Community

    Yellow House takes a holistic approach to working with excluded young people. Working on a daily basis providing a safe secure…
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    The Yellow House Creative Centre

    The Yellow House Creative Centre is a creative hub open to all young people looking to explore themselves and to grow as individuals.
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    Creative Workshops

    Our creative workshops are a chance for young people to explore a broad range of artistic interests. We provide everyone…
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    The Foundation endorsed the fact that the project is making a difference to a large number of young people living in very difficult circumstances and made particular comment on the professionalism and commitment of the staff.

    Jane Harris - The Morgan Foundation

    "Visiting Yellow House reminded me how important it is for each human being to satisfy emotional needs of belonging and acceptance."

    Dr. Marta Struminska-Kutra - VID Specialized University, Oslo

    "Some of the stuff I have seen is basically the best dramatic arts you will find in this City. The Yellow House produce real quality work."

    Dave Jaques - Local Artist

    Outside The House

    Art Skills

    Our space is open throughout the week for young people to access our facilities and develop their own creative projects…

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    Developing Young People

    Yellow House is devoted to the social and emotional well-being of young people, providing a safe and sound environment….

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    Individual Projects

    Using the skills learnt from workshops at Yellow House young people are encouraged to begin their own projects….

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    Yellow House is part of many Networking Organisations giving us the opportunity to share our experiences…
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    Outreach Workshops

    Yellow House has provided workshops all over the world, tailoring to any age range, nationality, or ability level. Since the 80s we have supported schools, theatre companies, and fellow youth organisations exploring a variety of issues and develop the confidence to  discuss, explore and create.


    Yellow House performances are devoted to providing something new for both audience and performer. Each live presentation of our creative efforts is a chance for participants to express their ideas and show the skills that they have developed. We are constantly striving to make art that is truly innovative, meaningful and transformative.

    Youth Exchange

    Yellow House have participated in and initiated many International Youth Exchanges, giving an opportunity to young people who do not normally have the chance to travel to meet and work with their peers from other countries. Through cultural activities, we often explore ways of breaking down social barriers and stereotypes to form a better understanding of current issues across the globe.

    Yellow House is committed to the social and emotional wellbeing
    and development of young people.

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    Thank You To Our Funders

    A massive thank you to our funders past and present for all their support.

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